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'The Helping Hand Bros, has made a commitment to this wonderful organizations that are making such a difference in this world, by donating into their cause to help just a little bit in their efforts to make a true change in this world and help people.'

My Last Wish Foundation
(Charity for Children with Cancer)

The Helping Hand Bros have partnered up with Tomas Fernando Lopez in this wonderful organization that helps children fulfill their last wish to come to the happiest place on earth Disneyland and enjoy just a little bit of fun and forget their terminal illness.

Mi Ultimo Deseo takes terminally ill children on trips around Mexico and twice a year to Disneyland.

After two years of fighting with the residents of the Mirador de San Isidro neighborhood, the Mi Ultimo Deseo (My Last Wish) foundation has finally won approval to go ahead with the construction of a home for children suffering from cancer.

Residents of the neighborhood where the complex is set to be built protested, with some ignorance, that their own children would become ill do to the radiation from chemotherapy treatments for the sick children. The protesters also claimed that the home would decrease their property values, and should not be in a residential area because in reality it is a hospital, and that they preferred a park instead.

Now that the city has dismissed the claims of neighbors, the charitable foundation can proceed with the project which will provide a support network for children undergoing treatment in the city. Some of the money needed for the six-million-peso project is set to come from Vamos Mexico, run by Mexican first lady Martha Sahagun de Fox.

Mi Ultimo Deseo was founded ten years ago by Mexican philanthropist Tomas Fernando Lopez. With the help of corporate backers, Mi Ultimo Deseo takes terminally ill children on trips around Mexico and twice a year to Disneyland. The organization has helped more than 1,000 children, 50 percent of whom have died. The environment provided by Mi Ultimo Deseo helps the children feel normal while dealing with terminal illnesses such as leukemia and maintain their spirits while undergoing debilitating radiation therapy. The new 12,830-square-meter complex will have space for 50 children and family members, a kitchen, dining room, gardens and recreation areas. If you would like to learn more about Mi Ultimo Deseo or make a donation call 3614-0426
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