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'The Helping Hand Bros, has made a commitment to this wonderful organizations that are making such a difference in this world, by donating into their cause to help just a little bit in their efforts to make a true change in this world and help people.'

The Lange Foundation
(abused animals doggies and kitties)


Every year in Los Angeles County, over one hundred thousand pets are taken to animal shelters simply because they drastically outnumber the homes available to them. They are alone, they are fearful, and most of them are euthanized. As their lives silently end, several thousand more pets are being born who will endure the same fate.

The Lange Foundation was founded in 1993 by Gillian Lange, recipient of the City of Los Angeles St. Francis of Assisi Award in recognition of her work on behalf of abandoned and neglected animals since 1974. To date, she has helped rescue and place over 20,000 cats and dogs that would have otherwise been destroyed in shelters.

Lange Foundation is dedicated to saving impounded companion animals, and preparing them for a journey to a new safe, loving world. We have also initiated an ongoing sterilization program, to dramatically reduce the number of unwanted pets born in Los Angeles County.

The dogs we rescue come to us in all shapes, colors, sizes and ages. Some are victims of abuse or neglect; others starving strays; some are purebred and some are obedience trained. Our hearts go out to many who need surgery, spending their last few days of life in excruciating pain. We take as many of them as we possibly can and our monthly surgery bills are overwhelming.

Owners who take their pet to shelters mistakenly believe good homes will be found for them, but because of lack of space, most are kept for only 2-4 days. Strays are kept for 3-5 days in overcrowded dog runs. The pets we are able to rescue are cared for at our 'Half Way Home Kennel' at 2106 South Sepulveda Boulevard in West Los Angeles. Their personalities are evaluated and they are given T.L.C. by our staff and volunteers. Once adopted, we often assist with training in their new homes if they have problems not easily solved by their new owners. We stand behind those we place.

The shelters continue to be overcrowded with cats. The kittens chances of adoption are so much better than the adults...very few adults are chosen, even though many are Siamese, Himalayan, Persian, Manx and all American Purr Machines. At our kennel, most of them await their new homes in a cage-free environment. They are given the gift of time, and if for some reason they are not adopted they will always have a home with us.
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